ZELANG ™ - Natural Plant Extract Powder Expert

Natural Plant Extract Powder Expert


  • We use the technology under the condition of high pressure and normal atmospheric temperature to make cell walls rupture, so the active ingredients could be dissolved completely.
  • We separate and concentrate the materials with molecular sieves, dry them in the situation of vacuum and low temperature with band dryer.
  • The whole system's temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius. It's total physical process. We don't add any chemical substances except water and edible alcohol.
  • Our materials are all made on highly automated production lines, seldom contacting with people directly. And packing is in a hundred grades purification workshop.


  • Active ingredients dissolute completely. Secondary metabolites is 100% extracted. It's quite suitable for thermal sensitivity.
  • Cheaper energy conservation techniques have been put into our operation. The whole system only uses electric as clean energy and not heated.
  • It's environment-friendly because our solvent is recycling many times. The residues are low in moisture content, and they can be used immediately in animals'feed, fuel and organic fertilizer .etc.
  • Our products are characterized by low levels of heavy metals and no residual pesticides, the contents are under the standards.
  • Free salts are eliminated and ash content is reduced greatly.
  • Auxiliary materials are rarely used. There is lowered hygroscopicity too. The extraction proportion is higher because we removed impurity such as pectin and mucus.

Broken cell wall technology

Separation and Concentration


  • The combination technology of membrane. Heavy metals, pesticide residue, pectin and macromolecular protein are removed by membrane of 10 nm.
  • Membrane concentration technology. Drive by high pressure of 20-30 MPA.
  • The combination technology of membrane. Germ-containing extract --> Sterile extract

Traditional extraction method

  • Solvent enters the cells through cell walls, dissolve and convey secondary metabolites out of the cells.
  • Driving force is osmotic pressure.
  • Increase the speed of dissolution and transport by heating and compression.

Disadvantages of traditional methods

  • Thermal sensitivity components are damaged by high temperature.
  • Waste of resources
  • Low capacity
  • Poor working environment