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Natural dyes

Natural dyes are generally derived from plants, animals and minerals, plant-based dyes. Including madder, hematoxylin, hematoxylin, welding, Siong blue and indigo,which Means natural dyes derived from plant, animal or mineral resources, and not by artificial synthesis, with little or no dye through chemical processing.

Madder, weld and other dye plants have been used for thousands of years. When synthetic dyes until the late 19th century into widespread use, textile colors from the use of natural dyes. Because of its good natural dyes environmental compatibility and drug health performance,it has caused a lot of attention from dye research and application institutions , its application has been involved in a number of areas.

Some natural dyes, especially the ones derived from medicinal plants,are widely used in the field of health and medicine. Natural dyes are also used in cosmetics. Such as color enhancers in the lipsticks and various dyes in skin care products and so on. Natural dyes are also used in cosmetics. Such as lipstick color enhancer, skin care products in the various dyes.

Zelang Group offers a variety of high-quality natural plant dyes, so whatever you choose, you will get a product that you can trust. We will use the form extracted in accordance with science.

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