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Nanjing Zelang Medical Technology Co., Ltd is upgrading its production line now. And it will be finished around mid of this Oct. The new production line is called MELLES, which is created by Dr. Liu, the boss of this company.

MELLES is the short name of multi-functional explosion low pressure line extraction system.

Different from previous extraction technology, MELLES has below advantages,

Firstly, extraction happens under low pressure. On the one hand it can broke herb’s cell, so more active ingredients can be obtained, on the other hand, low pressure will lower the boiling point of water, so more ingredient will not be destroyed by high temperature.

Secondly, all transportation during the production is realized by pipe line system. No human touch, so it can prevent pollution caused by microorganism.

Thirdly, the core of the technology is integrated membrane system. It includes ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, most of microorganism, heavy metals and pesticides cannot pass them.

Lastly, if it produce juice powder, Melles can ensure nearly 100% solubility of juice powder.

Now, there is only one manufacturer around China who adopts this new technology in advance.
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