ZELANG ™ - Natural Plant Extract Powder Expert

Natural Plant Extract Powder Expert

From 2018, we support ODM of herb supplement in capsules, tablets, sachet, and bottle.

Functional beverage

The production process consists of extraction in low temperature, pasteurization, bottle washing, filling, labeling and packaging. There's no artificial adding. This production line support filling of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottled beverage, at the same time equipment using PLC programming control, to realize fully automated production. It's suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, natural plant drinks production.

Instant food

Based on selected raw materials, we use low-temperature baking, smashing under 60℃ , blending, packaging. It meets the processing needs of different grains and other plant raw materials. The finished product is rich in natural flavor, delicate taste. The whole production line uses full automation production.

Food supplement

It's in compliance with GMP standard. And it's an automatic filling production process. It can produce tablets, capsules.

Botanical Extract

We adopt the self-developed extraction technology MELLES, which is the short name of Multi Effect cell broken Low-temperature Line Extraction System. This is the first time to combine ultra-high pressure cavitation broken wall technology, supersonic high pressure jet technology, continuous pressure filtration technology, membrane concentration technology, low temperature drying technology into botanical production technology. It's suitable for production of botanical concentrate, high purity extract, natural colorant. Production line operates in low temperature environment.