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Microwave Food Drying Machine Introduction

Microwave food drying machine is suitable for drying various kinds of food. The dryer adopts microwave to dry food, having uniform drying effect and rapid drying speed, meanwhile having sterilization function. The food processed by the microwave dryer can keep its original flavor and nutritional components, and the shelf life is prolonged. Besides, the industrial food dryer also has puffing effect, the processed food has a good taste.

Microwave Food Drying Machine Structural Features

Microwave food drying machine is composed of automatic temperature control system, microwave power density controlling system, automatic correction system, automatic alarm system, variable frequency speed control system, monitoring system, and material control system.

  1. Adopt automatic temperature control device, ensuring proper drying temperature.
  2. Adopt variable frequency regulating technology to control the conveying speed, ensuring the quality of the product.
  3. Adopt advanced automatic correction system, avoiding the deflection of conveyor belt.
  4. The power of the equipment is adjustable in sections, which can optimize the production process.

Advantages of Microwave Drying and Sterilization

  1. Microwave penetrates through the food and affect it from inside and outside at the same time, resulting in rapid drying speed, short drying time, uniform heating and good product quality.
  2. Thermal effect and non-thermal effect works together for sterilization, which is quick and of low temperature. The flavor and nutritional components of food are retained to the maximum.
  3. Microwave works directly on the food, there is almost no other heat loss, It is of high thermal effciency and saves 1/3 energy comparing with far-infrared heating.
  4. Small land occupation, saving labor. No heat radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.
  5. Immediate heating and stop by adjusting the microwave power, no thermal inertia, easy to control, convenient for automatic and continuous production.

Working Principle of Microwave Food Drying Machine

Microwave is a high frequency electromagnetic wave. Under the effect of electromagnetic field, the orientation of polar molecules in the materials changes with hypervelocity, causing the violent movement and mutual friction of molecules. Heat is produced and makes the temperature of food rises rapidly, the moisture is evaporated, achieving the aim of drying. Microwave sterilization is achieved by thermal and non-termal effects under low termperature within a short time. While conventional method requires sterilization temperature of 120℃-130℃ and the time is around one hour, microwave sterilization just requires 70℃-90℃ and the time is about 3 minutes.

benefits and economies of using microwave technology

Feature Benefit Economic Value
Decreased Process Time Decreased energy usage on basis of btu per batch processed Energy savings due to shorter batch times
Ability to pulse the power for precise control Reduced production costs
More Compact Requires a smaller equipment space or footprint Reduced fixed cost savings
Can be remotely located in a dry, safe area More usable plant floor space for increased production
Safety Chokes, mesh screens, and safety interlocks for complete operator safety Prevent employee injuries and liability claims
Safer than steam and hot oil heating Prevents injury & worker discomfort
Easy Cleanup & Maintenance CIP and COP capable Less teardown/better turnaround
Less chemical and water usage Higher profit margins
More production time available More product/more profit
Less mess Improved working conditions
Higher Power Densities More efficient energy usage Increased production speeds
Selective heating - "product not plant" Decreased production costs
Heat not expended to heating air, walls of the oven, conveyor and other parts Since energy source is not hot there is a plant cooling savings: HVAC Savings
Precision Energy Control Can be turned on and off instantly Eliminates the need for warm up and cool down
Product heating occurs from top down Reduces product fouling
More Uniform Temperature Profiles Energy is selectively absorbed by areas of greater moisture Minimizes overprocessing; no scorching, overheating or case hardening
Enhanced product performance Improved yields
No-Contact Drying Technology Reduces production run times Reduces both cleaning times and chemical costs
Lack of high temperature heating surfaces Reduces material finish marring
No Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Heating Source May Eliminate the need for environmental permits Cost savings
Improves working conditions Employee retention
3A Sanitary Compliant Product safety
Workers Comp Savings
Reduce product recalls and liability expense
USDA accepted designs
3A-Sanitary Certifed designs
Sanitary & hygienic standards compliant if needed
Increased Plant Throughput Less handling, floor traffic, fork trucks, pallets, transfer points and congestion Better employee ergonomics, safety and product damage
Less floor space requirements, contamination, product damage More productivity

Wide Application of Microwave Food Drying Machine